More Medicare Lies from Left in simple Scare Tactic Politics

As I’ve been saying for months, the only way current President Obama can avoid becoming former President Obama is to trash the GOP nominee, whomever it may be.

When the Huffington Post (Howard Fineman!) not only actually admits this, but goes so far as to say President Obama is unhappy about such a strategy, you know the last gasps from a desperate man are coming.

That’s why it’s not at all surprising that the progressives and the unions have teamed up to lie, cheat and steal their way to a second term for their failed candidate.

We know that when it comes to political discourse, no one plays dirtier than the liberals. Ad hominem attacks, misleading pull quotes, and flat out lies.

In a local race where I live, one local socialist propaganda machine liberal newspaper even brought up a Republican’s history of divorce as a potential reason for not voting for that candidate. It’s worth noting that despite liberal insistence that all Republicans are in the pocket of the Koch brothers, her opponent took Koch money and still lost the election.

When you can’t think of new lies, it apparently works just as well to recycle old ones.

Americans United for Change and AFSCME trade labor unions have spent a boat load to recycle the lie that Paul Ryan’s budget ends Medicare in an attempt to undermine Republican elections both for Congress and for President.

When I mean this is a recycled lie, I mean it’s one that the Democrats used last year in a myriad of elections (mostly unsuccessfully) and was debunked by the non-partisan PolitiFact so many times that the media entity actually labeled it the Biggest Lie of 2011.

Anyone who is politically active, likely has seen these PolitiFact reports, since they’ve done about half a dozen on this very issue and they run in major newspapers across the country.

Furthermore, those who follow politics closely know that parts of Paul Ryan’s plan to reform Medicare are actually similar to Obama’s, where seniors who can afford to pay more do.

The voucher program in Ryan’s plan is actually aimed at saving senior’s money because it would allow them to find a plan that fits their needs and their budget, rather than relying on a government plan where customer service is superseded by bureaucracy and red tape.

Liberals know that they’re lying, know that they’re wrong, but they don’t care. They want to win an election. If the Democrats have to lie to win an election, what does that say about the quality of their candidate?

I suppose nothing we didn’t already know.

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