ObamaCare, Budget set up paradigm altering election

Not every election is a referendum on any particular issue, particularly in presidential elections where major legislation or action may not be part of the election narrative.

Rep. Paul Ryan wants to make this election about fiscal responsibility and the House, controlled by Republicans, passed his budget which would make sweeping financial reforms including a Medicare overhaul.

But the election in November will be about more than that.

It’s more closely related to the case the Supreme Court will be deciding on in June.

More than whether or not the court’s ruling on ObamaCare hurts our soon-to-be-former president, the outcome of that case will be part of the political narrative set to shape the November election.

As has been stated innumerable times over the last week or so, Obama’s health care plan would fundamentally alter the way the government interacts and coerces the citizen.

That is what the 2012 Presidential election is about.

How do you want your government to interact with its people?

Do you want a government that will force you to pay for things you can’t afford, take money from you that you need and call it democracy, or do you want a government that mandates you pay only what the government absolutely needs and allows you to make choices about how you spend the rest?

This is the referendum we have.

President Obama and whomever the Republican candidate for president is, will have fundamental differences in the way they view the government’s role in our lives.

President Obama is the classic tax and spend liberal, only with an authoritarian, totalitarian and even fascist sense of socialistic “justice.”

Romney, the likely candidate, supports the sweeping reforms of Paul Ryan’s budget and recently received Ryan’s endorsement as a candidate.

Romney has stated repeatedly that he would grant waivers to every state in the union on his first day in office, protecting them from having to institute the costly and unconstitutional intrusion of government that Obama calls a health care “reform.”

The straw-man argument about RomneyCare versus ObamaCare is weak at best, since under Madisonian conservatism, the sort of ideology on which this country’s core principles were created, the states have the right to enter these markets, whereas the federal government does not.

If anything, Romney should be applauded for having the courage to take bold action in creating a solution to a broad problem and doing it within the confines of the law.

Perhaps not since Ronald Reagan defeated the embattled Jimmy Carter has there been such a disparity in candidates as we have in 2012.

This is a referendum election, not just about fiscal responsibility, but about the very foundations of our democracy.  Fox News has, for the last 15 years, been talking about every election like it was the election of our lifetime.

Finally, in 2012, they get it right.

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