Obama’s budget fails to get a single vote in House, media remains silent

Go to your favorite search engine and search “Obama’s budget House.”

What you’ll find may shock you.

Wednesday, soon-to-be-former President Obama’s federal budget failed to pass the House without receiving a single vote.

That’s right, not one lefty, partisan hack voted for it. It lost 414-0.

Do you see a single mainstream media source covering it?

Fox News is the closest thing to a mainstream source you’ll find, with smaller shops like the Daily Caller and The Hill also picking up the story.

No USA Today, no CNN, no NBC or ABC.

Whether Google is manipulating search results (remember, you can pay to  have things higher or lower on a search, so leftist groups could literally be paying Google to have these results not show up), or these media companies aren’t reporting it, this is just another example of the heinous leftist bias in the media.

If you were on the fence before about the way the media insulates Obama, you should need no further evidence.

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