Obama’s new EPA mandate to send electricity costs ‘skyrocketing,’ and that’s his goal

The liberal outrage when Republicans dared suggest soon-to-be-former President Obama actually wanted gas prices to rise was comical for a number of reasons.

Most importantly, though, it was funny because it’s not the first time Obama has said he wants prices for energy consumers to rise.

In fact, not only did he say he wanted electricity prices to rise, he insisted he’d prefer them to skyrocket.

“Skyrocket,” in case you’re wondering is his word, not mine.

When Obama proposed his ‘cap and trade plan’ – something Republican congressmen have humorously re-named the ‘cap and tax plan’ – it couldn’t even pass the Democratically-controlled Congress.

What his plan aimed to do was cap carbon emissions, making most coal operations obsolete and forcing companies to essentially either retro-fit their plants or build entirely new ones.

That, of course, costs money. Those costs are passed to the consumer.

Obama showed a surprisingly lucid understanding of supply side economics when he explained that very outcome would stem from his plan.

(This shows, above all else, Obama understands the potentially devastating effects of his policies. That’s exactly what he wants: another industry to fall by the wayside so it can be consumed by the burgeoning leviathan of government he’s created)

Because soon-to-be-former President Obama doesn’t believe in the importance of Congress, or democracy  in general, he issued an EPA mandate to create the same principle guidelines his cap and trade plan would have.

This difference this time is, of course, he’s the only one who has to think this is a good idea for it to be instituted.

I can’t think of a president in recent history who has abused his presidential powers in the way our president has. Infringing on religious freedoms with an unconstitutional contraceptive mandate, creating a wildly unconstitutional and fiscally irresponsible health care law (one soon to be overturned), and now, despite Congressional disapproval, an EPA mandate that will increase costs without any benefit.

Where is the benefit of this plan?

We refuse some carbon in atmosphere…no wait, OUR atmosphere. Thanks to the lunacy genius of Al Gore, countries like Mexico and China don’t have to follow the carbon restrictions set forth in the Kyoto treaty.

The United States doesn’t have to follow the protocols because we didn’t sign the treaty, in part for this very reason.

China is the top carbon producing country in the world, but doesn’t have the same carbon restrictions the United States has. Mexico is the 13th largest.

This is not a “because they’re doing it, we should be able to do it,” argument. My point is the benefits of this law don’t measure up to the costs.

Reducing carbon emissions isn’t the heinous idea many conservatives believe it to be, but capping them at an extreme cost to producers and an even more extreme cost to consumers doesn’t make sense.

But that’s what Obama wants. He wants to hate private companies so he can sell you on the idea that government should be controlling our energy production.

Everything this man does is to further the socialist agenda he has always fostered. This authoritarian and draconian mandate is just the latest example.

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