Facts don’t support liberal race-baiting narrative in Trayvon Martin case

I had intended to use this space today to talk about a landmark case in health care reform, but the disgusting and morally abhorrent attitudes prevalent in the Trayvon Martin case have precluded me from doing so.

Yesterday, I wrote that trying this case in the court of public opinion would only reinforce the negative stereotypes that have come to characterize it.

The liberal narrative is an adult white man shot a defenseless black teenager in cold blood.


Much has been made about the fact that Zimmerman outweighed Martin and that Martin was unarmed, a decent teenager just trying to get home.

The victim of a racist man, a racist police force and a racist country.

Except none of the facts support that.

Liberals don’t care, because white guilt supersedes the truth. So does race-baiting, ratings-driven lies perpetuated by the media.

Trayvon Martin was a black teenager who was shot and killed.

That’s about all the media has gotten right about this story when it comes to the narrative that has been out there.

The only reason this story had legs was because a white man shot a black kid.

As conservative talk show host James T. Harris pointed out on Twitter yesterday, there are black kids who die every day in this country, in Florida. What are their names?

No, this is a story because Zimmerman had to be a racist.

He was white, the kid was black and unarmed, so Zimmerman had no reason to shoot Martin except that Martin was black.

I might buy that, except both Zimmerman and multiple witnesses say Martin instigated the physical altercation, punched Zimmerman in the face which knocked him to the ground and was slamming Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk when the gun went off.

The Orlando Sentinel details what is in the police report here and it’s not the convenient liberal myth being spun out there.

Accusations that because Zimmerman was bigger than Martin, he shouldn’t have feared for his life, are not only unfounded, but utterly ridiculous.

If your head was being slammed into the ground, at what point do you have time to weigh the pros and cons of your fists versus the semi-automatic pistol in your pocket?

I mean are we serious with this?

Also, it’s convenient that Zimmerman is being called “white” when in fact he’s latino. MSNBC recently started calling him “white latino,” although oddly doesn’t refer to our president as a “white African-American.”

Early photos released to the public of Zimmerman made him look vaguely Italian maybe, but with olive skin to be sure.

Newer photos show Zimmerman, despite his name, looking distinctly Latino.

But, of course, that doesn’t fit the liberal race-baiting narrative.

White guilt drives liberals to find scapegoats so they can support the victims and show, unequivocally, they aren’t racist. It’s why you’ve seen sportswriters on Twitter almost uniformly change their avatars to pictures of themselves in hoodies.

The dialogue in this country has become so toxic, so precarious, that white people find it necessary to constantly prove they aren’t racist.

A bunch of white sportswriters covering a bunch of famous black guys, many of whom the writers must criticize from time to time, have an even higher burden to meet.

But that’s where we’ve gotten to in this country thanks to liberal mythology. You can’t criticize a black person if you’re white or you’re racist.

You can’t defend yourself against a black man beating you up or you’re racist.

Just like you can’t say a woman should pay for her own contraceptives without being sexist.

So many have this confirmation bias shaped by liberal white guilt that they heard about this case, assumed Zimmerman MUST me racist and shaped the facts to support it.

The problem is, the facts, on their own, don’t show that Zimmerman acted racistly, or did he even act imprudently. It appears, given the police report, he certainly acted legally.

But, of course, I’m racist for believing the law should be applied to everyone equally.

Because that would just be unjust.

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