Obama shakes blame for gas prices thanks to media double standard

When gas went over $2 a gallon, I have a distinct memory of hearing the gas line click, signaling the completion of my fill-up.

I looked at the meter to see what I owed and in a moment of shock, I slowly looked up to the sign holding the rates. I looked back down at the meter, hoping I had misread it.

I hadn’t and it was the most I’d ever paid to fill my tank.

With the same kind of dismay, I watched the meter run at the gas station near my house yesterday. The numbers flew by perilously quick, gaining steam until the final number hit and I couldn’t believe it.

Well over $4 a gallon now, gas prices have soared.

My high school economics professor used to tell me that oil prices were one of the few things that seemed to work not just on a supply and demand scale, but a scale of it’s own.

Part of the reason was subsidies, and part because if consumers didn’t use gas, we wouldn’t have alternatives. There was no choice for the consumer.

Oil, and the refined products we use to power our cars, are the only means for most of us to get from Point A to Point B.

Back in 2004, when I had my infamous $2 a gallon fill up, it was apparently clear who the culprit was for high gas prices: President George W. Bush.

Now, with our soon-to-be-former President facing re-election and gas prices already at historic highs around the country, it’s China’s fault. 

No mention of Mr. Obama’s wasteful spending on alternative energies, particularly on subsidies for companies who have no sustainable business plan (even more ironic when you consider their business plan was to create sustainable energy).

Billions of dollars gone to companies who didn’t create jobs and didn’t create energy alternatives, but it’s the rich people’s fault the government is broke.

Got it.

A recent Washington Post article even went so far as to say that President Bush deserved credit for a bill passed in 2007, without which we’d be in a worse place.

This double standard in the media is about as shameful as it is unsurprising.

President Obama has repeatedly blocked the Keystone Pipeline, even when it would create thousands of jobs and decrease our dependence on foreign oil.

Even if we want to increase our sustainable energy – a noble goal we ought to work toward achieving – we can’t ignore that in the short run, we have an oil problem that is driving gas prices out of control.

I wouldn’t expect a liberal to get the ‘big picture,’ especially when the media does such a good job insulating him from the true consequences of his actions.

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