‘War on Women’ just a proxy war in budget battle

I happened to be watching NBC Nightly News earlier this week and there was a report on the so-called Republican War on Women.

This, of course, is a media-manufactured idea. A catch-phrase to be used as a lefty punching bag against conservative values and to show that not only are Republicans heartless, they’re sexist (not to mention racist) too.

As I watched Andrea Mitchell, a liberal Siren and churlish femi-nazi of epic proportions, talking about this story, something struck me.

She interviewed someone about this Republican crusade apparently part of some ideological conspiracy to prevent women from having access to health care.

The piece, which lasted about two minutes, didn’t once speak directly with a Republican or a conservative. There was a pull-quote graphic from Rick Santorum and a clip from a rally in Illinois with Mitt Romney.

Mitchell’s dereliction of her journalistic duty to present both sides is not surprising. What struck me about this was, if I were going to pick for her someone to articulate why it’s ridiculous for someone to accuse Republicans of being anti-women for their stance on birth control subsidies among other things, I couldn’t.

Who would I pick?

Who is the conservative voice of reason on these types of issues?

Paul Ryan is the strongest fiscal conservative voice out there. Marco Rubio is a close second.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized the brief snippet from the Romney rally had the answer.

In the clip, a young girl (looking as though she’d just walked out of the Occupy encampment) asked Mitt Romney what he’d do to help her pay for her birth control.

His response was simply, “If you want free stuff, then vote for the other guy.”

It was the kind of answer I’d heard other conservative legislators give their constituents.

One conservative Congressman told me a few weeks ago that when new entities come to him to lobby, he politely listens to their presentation and then tells them he hopes they get the funding they need, but frankly, the government doesn’t have the money.

This is truly what this “war on women” comes down to. Dollars and cents.

It’s the same with the ObamaCare debate, or energy subsidies, or the war on terror, or any number of other issues any election might be about.


We can’t afford to pay for your birth control. No matter how little money you think you have, the U.S. Government has less because, well, it owes trillions of dollars it doesn’t have.

We can’t pay for the things we already have to pay for, much less add things to the dole.

It’s why the Ryan Budget Plan 2.0 is such a welcome sight. It’s an opportunity to show that conservatives aren’t against helping people, but rather are for helping those who need it most.

That means the people in the most dire need.

I’m sorry, but your birth control pills are not high on the priority list. We’re a little busy defending the country, paying for health care for seniors and making sure you can afford to go to the gas station every two weeks (a proposition that gets more precarious by the day).

It’s the opportunity Republicans and conservatives alike will have to show that every position they have is based on the bottom line: the one at the bottom of a ledger where you try to balance your checkbook at home.

This country hasn’t had a balanced checkbook since I was in elementary school.

Republicans can’t be fighting a war on women because they know we can’t afford to fight anymore wars. Frankly, we can’t afford much of anything.

That’s what needs to change.

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