Calls for liberal accountability surrounding Obama grow louder

It started, as many things do these days, on social media. The critics of Obama’s furtherance of Bush era policies and the perceived lack of criticism of the president for them.

I wrote about it almost a month ago when the critics were YouTube hosts and Facebook threads.

Now, the questions have reached mainstream media outlets.

Mediate, a notoriously left-leaning site (mostly on its editorial page, that’s why I still use it to link to other sites) posted a headline “Is the Media Giving President Obama A Pass On Continuing Bush-Era Policies?”

Their poll at the end of the article found that 92% of respondents thought they were.

Mediate’s coverage was prompted by an article done by Politico with a title along the lines of something I am fond of saying, “What if George W. Bush had done that?”

Imagine the rancor if W had killed a U.S. citizen overseas without so much as a federal warrant?

Or if Bush had fund-raised hundreds of millions with corporate CEO’s and Hollywood stars?

If you’ve never seen the great documentary on the 2008 elections, “Media Malpractice”, which exposes the heinously biased coverage of Barack Obama, you know this is nothing new.

On the other hand, if this suddenly becomes an issue, where media outlets are criticizing themselves and others for not being hard enough on soon-to-be-former President Obama, does that cause a shift in coverage?

Does it force the hand of MSNBC to tone down the brass band for Obama?

Does it do anything?

Of course, we don’t know and we won’t until November, when we can look back and say ‘This is how the media characterized Obama this time around.’

The New York Times has already done it by spinning approval rating numbers (which fell again and are back down near 41%). In one section of this article the author points out the support maintained by women, and over the course of the piece, mentions a number of “positive” factors to support Obama. Of course, he never explicitly states them as positive, but rather implies they support the president.

The author doesn’t mention that approval ratings have fallen 20 points since Obama took office, and among registered voters, it’s an even starker drop.

It’s four years too late for the liberal elitists in the media to call into question the biases of their own, but the timing couldn’t be more perfect for conservatives.

The more accountability they can force onto the media to tell the truth about the devastation caused by Hurricane Obama, the better for the GOP in 2012.

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One thought on “Calls for liberal accountability surrounding Obama grow louder

  1. timstrickland says:

    Liberals seem to be blind to all the reasons they should dislike this president, based on their own values. But, as you point out and has always been the case, they are being led around by bad media practices… There was a time when media was expected to be an unbiased outlet of factually expressed daily events. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen an unbiased report from any news source, left or right.

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