The fallacy of the open-minded liberal

If you’re like me, you enjoy antagonizing liberals into political arguments. Mostly, I enjoy watching them squirm and spew Rachel Maddow talking points, but also because I find it sublimely ironic that the most close-minded people I know also happen to be liberal.

It was something I realized when I went to an East Coast college from a Midwestern private catholic school, out of my conservative bubble to a cesspool bastion of liberal mythology.

How could someone who claims to be so progressive and open to ideas be so close-minded? It was something I wondered regularly in my political science classes next to Larry Liberal and Patty Progressive.

A fascinating new Pew study found liberals are even close-minded on the internet and using social media. Of people who’d blocked other users on social media, 28% of them self-identified as liberal while just 16% self-identified as conservative.

When you think about it (liberals don’t like to “think about it” because if they thought about things, they’d have to admit they were wrong), it makes perfect sense: modern American liberalism is just code for veiled authoritarian socialism.

If you don’t like something, you say it violates someone’s freedoms and you disallow it.

That’s wildly and heinously hypocritical, but it’s liberal so that’s to be expected.

The coastal biases extended to flyover country run deeper than just the superfluousness of our culture. It’s an implication that, because we live in smaller towns or aren’t near an ocean our thought processes are somehow flawed.

Our small minds can’t wrap themselves around these complex topics because, golly, they’re hard.

On the other hand, it isn’t simply a coastal bias that brings about these feelings of condescension and self-aggrandizement: it’s liberalism.

Liberals in the Midwest and South feel this same smug sense of self-assurance, that they know and you don’t know so why should I even bother talking to you?

The liberal condescension paradigm is so prevalent on the east coast, not as an extension of “coastiness” but as an extension and diffusion of leftist arrogance into the very fabric of a culture.

You know why Midwestern, Southern and even Pacific Northwestern people are considered so congenial and welcoming? Because conservatives don’t believe the kind of judgment and pomposity that preclude liberals from being nice to anyone who doesn’t worship at the alter of Obama.

Those areas are made up of working class people, and while their politics may not all be liberal, their culture was created by people with conservative ideals about family, religion, hard work, autonomy and a sense of community.

Liberals don’t have that, they’re too busy blocking you on Facebook for posting an article for The Daily Caller.

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