Republicans need to refocus GOP race around failures of Obama

The GOP race for president slogs along, but the buzz has faded considerably over the last few months.

There’s no bump for new candidates, or excitement over endorsements. We know who the front-runners are and the American conservative movement isn’t exactly thrilled about it.

I get that.

You know how you inject life back into this campaign?

You go full-throat after the man responsible for the malaise and muck this country is mired in: Barack Obama.

Spending millions to attack each other, the Republican candidates have forgotten that the best way to get elected isn’t to convince America they’re the best Republican candidate, it’s to convince America that Barack Obama is the worst presidential candidate.

As uninspiring as the GOP field is, it’s better across the board than Obama.

Mitt Romney doesn’t need the money or the favors to engage in the kind of crony capitalism we see from him.

Newt Gingrich is too smart and too conservative to ever be sucked into spending billions of tax-payer dollars on a failing company like Solyndra.

Rick Santorum, for all of this heinous views about gays, would never sit in a church with a man condemning the American spirit, or hug radical disgraced professors.

And we know Ron Paul would never, under any circumstances allow the federal government to interfere with the autonomy of the state when it comes to voter ID.

For what it’s worth, Wisconsin just passed the same voter ID bill and I didn’t hear a word from the Obama administration. I guess not enough black or Hispanic voters live in Wisconsin for Obama to care about their rights.

This is the great myth of Barack Obama.

He campaigned as this champion of the people, a man who would change the culture of Washington. He has excited crowds, drawn support from celebrities and athletes, although many of them have now admitted they voted for and supported him “just because he’s black.”

But President Obama has only reinforced the political status quo. He only cares about the rights of people who might vote for him, the business interests of people who might donate money to him, the religious figures he deems appropriate, and the social issues that will get him re-elected.

Barack Obama doesn’t care about you, or even the policies he creates.

He cares about him, his “legacy,” and his job.

If the left wants to bang on all of the GOP candidates for their flaws, the GOP has to fire back when it comes to the left’s favorite son, the man who gives Chris Matthews a semi just by standing in front of a microphone.

This election is not about who the best Republican is, but rather about reminding the American people that the last 4 years have been an utter disaster and four more would be catastrophic.

That means laying the blame at the feet of the man responsible.

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One thought on “Republicans need to refocus GOP race around failures of Obama

  1. jmasana says:

    Agreed. We need more inspiration coming out of the candidates. I don’t know if any of them has the fortitude necessary to do it.

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