Fickle electorate is good news for Mitt Romney

It started with Michele Bachmann. The Republican electorate has flip-flopped so many times John Kerry thinks they’re being inconsistent.

Conservatives, including this one, have wondered what they’ll have to give up, if anything, in order to defeat Obama.

First it was sanity (Bachmann), then it was experience (Cain), then rationality (Gingrich), now it’s all of the above (Santorum).

Along the way, many conservatives and moderate Republicans have thrown their hands up and accepted the inevitability of Mitt Romney’s nomination and simply supported him.

If you don’t think the rest of the conservative voters who have supported the Flavor of the Week conservatives are going to support Romney in November, think again.

Look at what happened with Newt Gingrich when he won a primary: his numbers across the country shot up. After winning South Carolina, he gained steam in Florida and started calling for Rick Santorum to back out of the race.

The polls shifted.

Suddenly Gingrich was winning and media outlets everywhere were wondering if Gingrich could beat Obama, as if it were a foregone conclusion.

Then, Romney won Florida, and Santorum won a slew of non-binding and unimportant caucuses as his numbers burgeoned.

Just as quickly as Gingrich had risen, he fell, the kind of bi-polarity so congruent with his personality. But this time, it wasn’t so much his fault as it was the fickle nature of the voters.

Santorum was winning the blue collar vote, the values vote and the economy vote.

Except now, Romney has eliminated an eight point deficit in Ohio thanks, in part, to wins in Michigan, Nevada and Washington.

Nationally, Romney is bludgeoning the field, despite the liberal media’s jokes that Romney is struggling to beat such a weak field (Seth McFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, joked that Romney is like the non-handicapped guy in the Special Olympics, only he’s barely winning).

In the latest poll of likely voters, Romney has a 16 point lead on Santorum, and in the latest Gallup poll of Republican voters, the lead is 16.

In that same poll, Obama is trailing Romney by four, a two point change since the last poll.

Conservatives have, for months, wanted someone not named Romney. The reason is that Romney is perceived as less conservative and less in touch with the average voter.

But understand, the people voting for Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann are absolutely not voting for Barack Obama. They understand the urgency of the issues facing this country so they’re not staying home.

The fact that Romney has rebuked every advance of his Republican challengers only emphasizes that his base is moderate and independent voters, the exact demographic the GOP needs to take back the White House.

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