Democrats predictably confuse freedom with power

“It would simply give every boss in America the right to make health care decisions for their workers and their families.”

These are the words of Washington Democratic Senator Patty Murry in the wake of the Senate’s slim defeat of a bill allowing employers to opt out of the royal mandate White House policy on contraceptives.

Murry’s words are interesting because they speak to the inherent disconnect between liberal mythology and reality, as well as the incongruousness of the practical implication with the intention.

When it comes to getting at what Democrats, Murry included, are doing in killing this bill, Murry needs to finish her sentence.

The rest of what she means to say is, “when it should be the government who decides.”

Murry would rather have a group of bureaucrats, completely and utterly removed from the actual employers and employees, making decisions about both.

Some employers don’t cover dental health, others don’t cover eye care. The government doesn’t mandate they do this, but dammit, you’re going to pay for my birth control.

This is completely and totally incoherent, though not surprising.

Liberals don’t trust people to make decisions. They believe government should make decisions for you because government is smart.

We know government is neither smart nor efficient, but makes up for it by being completely incapable of making sensible decisions of any kind.

Sarah Lipton-Lubet, the ACLU policy counsel said, “Overwhelmingly, women from every religious background use contraception to protect their health and plan their families and lives. The Senate did the right thing by American women today.”

Yes, a lot of women use contraception. You know what women would really like? Contact lenses. They’d probably like their cavities filled without having to take out a loan.

But the government doesn’t force employers to cover those things, true basic human health care needs.

I have to see in order to legally drive, I don’t have to be on the pill.

This is a brazen and outright affront to the freedoms of this country in favor of an erroneous perception of protecting reproductive rights.

Let me make this as simple as I can: people can prioritize when it comes to picking jobs. If a job doesn’t pay me what I want, I may or may not be able to turn that job down depending on my financial situation.

I may choose one job over another because of benefits, but I don’t have to.

It’s called freedom.

I have the freedom to choose an employer, just like an employer has some freedom when it comes to what they have to cover with employees.

(This is all outside of the box of ObamaCare, where recent studies show that millions of employees will lose employer-sponsored health care coverage in the next few years because of the burdensome costs on employers.)

If the government is legislating morality, then no one gets to decide.

I have to pay for the coverage even if I don’t want it because that’s how insurance works. The more you have to cover, the more you can charge, even if everyone doesn’t use the benefits. That means rising costs for employers and employees for something that not everyone wants or needs.

That’s not freedom, it’s an abuse of power by a government run by liberals hell-bent on expanding its own power under the guise of expanding your freedom.

Unfortunately, when you expand government power, you lose your freedom. But that sequence has a name.

It’s called ‘liberalism.’

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