Maher loses last shred of credibility, donates $1 million to Obama campaign

I’m not breaking any news telling you that Bill Maher is an insufferable, condescending Marxist asshole troll.

He’s not a “journalist” in any important sense because he doesn’t break stories or even act as an analyst. He’s not even on the level of Jon Stewart when it comes to attempting to maintain certain levels of professionalism surrounding the political realm.

He’s a comedian who likes to talk about politics.

Stewart would never do what Maher did last night at a comedy show because he understands the lines it would blur and the scrutiny it would place on his unique political satire.

Last night, Bill Maher donated $1 million to an Obama Super-PAC.

Can you imagine if Bill O’Reilly had done this?

This is why liberals want the government to take all of their money: if they don’t, liberals spend it on stupid things like this.

Maher, a rigid leftist ideologue, didn’t have much credibility to begin with because he’s the type of person who flatly dismisses counter-arguments on the basis that they’re not his arguments.

My guess is he’s not the only liberal you know who does that.

But more to the point, here’s a list of things Maher no longer has credibility on following this donation:

Campaign Finance

President Obama

Taxing the rich

Big business

Redistribution of wealth

Of course, this won’t stop Maher from railing on Republicans for their use of super PACs, or their insistence on protecting the rich (him).

Maher will continue to insist that big businesses (like the the network which has made him rich) are getting away with murder and we need to take care of the poor.

Ummm…Bill? If we’re going to take care of the poor, $1 million could go a long way. Maybe instead of donating that money to a group who will spend money buying ads and doing outreach for a guy who is already rich, you could have given that money to a group THAT ACTUALLY DOES SOME GOOD.

And now, how are we ever supposed to take you seriously when discussing anything relating to President Obama when you are literally (ok his money is literally, he is metaphorically) in his pocket?!

The worst part about all of this is no one will be outraged except maybe Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. No mainstream media will think there’s something wrong with this, certainly not any NBC network.

Liberals think the rules just don’t apply to them and because there’s no one holding them accountable, they can get away with it. In fact, my guess is the average person won’t see how hypocritical this is because, frankly, Bill Maher will say it’s OK and people will listen.

Before, we just had an idea of the kind of two-faced, liberal elitist Maher was. Now he’s gone and left no doubt.


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