Liberal flip-flop highlights how lack of idealogy leads to hypocrisy

One of the tenants of liberal mythology is a sort of pragmatic hypocrisy. It’s not only allowed but encouraged that liberals change the rules when it benefits them.

That is easy to do when your ideology is based on untenable positions and without strong footholds in reality, it’s hard for the left to to be firm on a subject. You can’t be firm on a topic in reality if you are not also in reality.

Things have gotten so bad for Obama liberals, the left is criticizing them.

Not just the left, the far left (I know, you’re surprised anyone could be further left than Obama).

I found this video through social media and found it to be startling. In it, the anchor criticizes liberals in America (The creator calls the network The Young Turks) for now supporting things under Obama that they despised under Bush.

Liberals bashed Bush for starting wars without just cause. Obama starts a war not only without cause but without authority and the liberals call him a hero.

Obama promises to close Guantanamo Bay because of the unspeakable horrors apparently being perpetrated there. Liberals called him a champion of civil liberties.

Now, as the jail remains open, liberals support the President in what he’s done by not doing what he said he’d do.

Did you follow that?

Obama and the left railed on George W. Bush for his massive deficit spending and Candidate Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by now.

Meanwhile, liberals everywhere are insisting the government ought to be spending more money, driving up the deficit which is the largest in U.S. history. No president has ever run deficits close to what Barack Obama has.

The reason Democracy is such a great political system is that the minority’s job is to offer genuine opposition and alternatives.

When Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the White House agree that civil liberties don’t matter and neither does fiscal responsibility, we lose the tenants of what make Democracy not only great but effective.

The problem, as the video points out, isn’t a Democrat or Republican problem per say, but rather an issue of people’s lack of independent thought.

To be sure, this is not solely a liberal problem, but as I stated earlier, it’s a lot easier to think for yourself when you have clear ideals to believe in.

Conservatives have that, liberals don’t. Liberalism is based on relativism and subjective ideas like justice.

“Oh, we want justice.”

Ok, what does that mean?

Conservatives want liberty. Freedom. The ability to do for ourselves.

Liberals want the government to do it for them.

A group of people relying on the government to tell them how to act and how to think?

Yeah, I’m shocked that it’s a group of liberals.

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