Ron Paul Receives Unique Endorsement

No, I can’t believe a candidate who looks like the twin of Ian McKellen can be president, but a group of people in Nevada do.

The Bunny Ranch Brothel has come out in support of the Texas Congressman because of his stance on state’s rights. CNBC’s story of the endorsement also explains that the girls at the brothel used to support Obama before the soon-to-be-former President approved a bill allowing the consumption of horse meet.

One of the girls even quips (I assume she’s joking but with these kind of people you can never be sure), that her dog Gucci, also supports Ron Paul because if Obama allows people to eat horses, dogs could be next.

If you want to talk about income inequality, or Obama somehow thinking it’s a good idea to raise federal wages (or the media’s defense of such an action), that’s fine, those are important issues.

But since it’s Friday, I’d rather talk about sex workers who love Ron Paul. Just another day in the zany world of everyone’s favorite Libertarian.

Have a great weekend.


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