Why Obama 2.0 will be even worse in a term void of voter accountability

Imagine a president, empowered by an historic victory, acted with emboldened power to set the country on a course deeper into an economic recession, failed to protect our nation’s freedoms and further divided us along partisan not to mention socio-economic lines.

This is all, of course, in the frame of wanting to be re-elected four years later. Most presidents, in their first term, attempt to achieve a partisan agenda and eventually move somewhat toward the center as they realize half of the country isn’t going to like the liberal or conservative agenda they espouse.

Bill Clinton is a perfect example.

The specter of re-election tends to create accountability of action for any elected official, but especially the President.

Now, imagine a president who, having done all of the above, is re-elected and doesn’t face the voters ever again. In fact, he can’t be re-elected again.

The incomparable Peggy Noonan referenced this potential horror in her last column for the Wall Street Journal.

In predicting what happens once the Republicans select a candidate, Noonan suggested that the GOP candidate will try to argue the narrative which I have presented.

There will be some “He made it worse.” But watch for another argument. “In a second Obama administration he will be operating without any of the constraints that limited his actions in the first. He will never have to face the voters again. Obama unbound, with interest groups to reward. America, you don’t want to go there.”

In other words, “If you thought the last three years were horrible, buckle up, because it’ll only get worse when he doesn’t have to care about appeasing the public.”

No President, perhaps ever, has been more concerned about his own legacy than Obama. Remember what he told Steve Croft on 60 Minutes?

He saved us from a great depression. That billion dollars of your money he spent…don’t you remember? All those jobs he created??

No one thinks more highly of Barack Obama than the soon-to-be-former President himself.

Rest assured, no matter what you think of him, in a second term, his comprising rhetoric goes out the window. It’s all about Obama and his legacy.

The most liberal president of modern American history trying to put his own stamp on modern history, and rest assured, it will be profoundly leftist.

More spending, more government, more debt, more welfare spending and entitlement, more job-killing.

If conservatives like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are union busters, then Barack Obama is a business buster, and remember only one of those leaders created a balanced budget.

He killed Osama bin Laden and it was glorious. No question.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was a ridiculous law and Obama approved it’s repeal (Remember, Congress makes law, the President just signs it).

Those are victories.

But killing bin Laden didn’t change your life, it didn’t get you a job. Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was a step in the right direction in a fight for equal rights for non-mainstream lifestyles, but it’s not paying anyone’s bills.

Freedom, under Obama, took steps forward with those two accomplishments. But failed economic policy, business-killing regulation, and debt-burgeoning spending hinders freedom for all of us.

Everyday, you and I face the real impact of a government system free from accountability in the way it spends your money.

Trillions of dollars in debt, with little to show for it in the lives of most Americans. Although it seems impossible, the accountability shrinks for the Oval Office with no chance of re-election.

Every day that our economy doesn’t grow, it makes it harder for us to recover. The liberal agenda has pushed this country to the brink, now standing on a precipice of stateism and entitlement amidst an economy unable to grow under the onerous burden of government interference.

Obama and his Congressional cronies have gotten us there. Re-electing him is a shove off the edge, a free-fall from which we won’t soon recover.

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