Political satire from across the pond

With Hannukah already here and Christmas coming this weekend, I figured Friday’s normal trip into the lighter side of political commentary should take place today.

Even if people are working tomorrow, they’ve likely checked out and don’t want to be bothered with even the lightest political satire.

What I have for you today is a video of a New Zealand band, “The Eversons”, performing a song called “I’m a conservative.”

The song, to some degree, seems to be a reflexively satirical. The lyrics are as funny as they are relevent.

You couldn’t figure out school but you still think that you’re smart
I majored in science, you sat through arts
You want to be a writer but you’re not very good

There is obvious irony here because as a band, they’re a group of artists at their core, a demographic pigeonholed by society.

In the song there’s an explicit consent for the complaints conservatives have of liberals, as if to say “Look, this is the way they think of us.”

For a young band, you’re assuming they’re performing to a crowd of other young liberals.

At the same time, there is an irony of longing to belong here. That conservatives are the successful ones and liberals are less accomplished because they focus on things other than being successful.

To be sure, part of the point is to also chastise partisan arrogance of conservatives, but likewise for liberals, as if to say “You’re not better than us just because you’re a conservative.”

The song is exceedingly well done, while on the outside seeming like a harsh criticism of liberalism, but upon further review probably functions more as a commentary on the political realm itself full of stereotypes and class warfare.

It’s also a reminder that American political problems are not unique. This is a band from New Zealand, but could very easily from America, or the United Kingdom, or Spain or anywhere.

It’s important we remember that our problems are not unique, nor are our ideas the only ideas worth fighting for.

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