The surrender of the Democratic Party

The petulance continues for liberals across the country.

It’s not surprising that with their stranglehold on the majority fading and a Democratic president faltering that the party of naivete and condescension is throwing a temper tantrum.

The Democratic-controlled Senate hasn’t passed a budget basically since Obama the Savior took office. They haven’t passed a single piece of job-growth legislation except for the billion dollar waste that was the stimulus.

While Tea Party Republicans were made to seem like the “terrorists” in the debt ceiling negotiations, it was Democrats who failed to identify the runaway freight train that is spending in this country.

They refused to make cuts, refused to make sacrifices and simply accused Republicans of being in the pocket of the rich.

Now, the Democrats in the Senate, even when they agree with Republicans on a payroll tax cut extensions, want to kick the can further down the road by simply extending government funding for two months and basically saying, “We’ll deal with it later.”

Apparently, the Democrats have somewhere exciting to go for Christmas.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), said today that the House will not pass this sham of a bill (ok, “sham” was my word, not his).

The irony of the Democratic plan is the two-month, $33 billion extension is paid for by a fee on people using Fannie and Freddie, a set of bodies who helped create the housing crisis. The Democrats blame Republican de-regulation, when in reality, federal subsidies and Fanny/Freddie created opportunities for people to get loans who had no business getting loans for houses.

These are people the banks knew couldn’t pay them back.

Democrats failing to understand economics isn’t a shock (I feel like the BMO-Harris commercials about the need for financial literacy shouldn’t just be targeted to parents with children, but rather all liberals.)

The substance of the House-passed payroll tax bill makes infinitely more sense, but the Democrats are pouting because they didn’t think of it.

Freezing federal wages, creating jobs, making the rich pay for for Medicare, accountability in welfare, we couldn’t do any of that.

Let’s just go on vacation for a while and we can deal with it when we come back…or never. We’ll just blame the Republicans and Tea Partiers because people seem not to like them anyway.

That’s the lens through which all liberals seem to think.

It’s shocking how insulated liberals, and not just the ones in Congress, are. When it comes to ideological discussions, liberals have this condescending tone as if to say “You idiot, how could you possibly believe that?” even when their argument is based on myth and fault logic.

But ideology is changing in this country. People are seeing through the empty rhetoric of liberal megalomaniacs like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

People are identifying with the Republican party again because they realized that blind adherence to hope wasn’t the solution to our problems.

Furthermore, the liberal platform of “let someone else deal with it later,” is losing steam among its constituents. People are pissed off in this country, and the only party offering solutions, real solutions, to our problems are Republicans, particularly those in the House.

Democrats have given up trying to attack Republican policies, because people support them. They’ve resorted to attacks of partisanship, and frankly, to outright lying to the gullible liberal mainstream.

I had a family member at a holiday party say this weekend, “How could anyone be a Republican when you look at this field of Republican candidates.”

No, the field certainly doesn’t have any Winston Churchills or Ronald Reagans, but any of them has to be better than a socialist, elitist and out of touch soon-to-be-former President who has been an unmitigated disaster.

George W. Bush didn’t speak for most conservatives on civic issues like government size and spending.

But no one agrees with Barack Obama on just about anything.

The better question is how could anyone be a Democrat with a President like Barack Obama in office?

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