Money spent on baseball players, trials, and mansion home stays

As if you didn’t already know, the government is really good at wasting your money.

Today, Barry Bonds, the roided up former San Francisco Giant who sits atop Major League Baseball’s all-time home run list, was sentenced to probation and house arrest today.

This, after lying to a grand jury, and having Federal guidelines dictate he spend more than a year in jail.

But, since the key word in that last sentence is “Federal,” the guidelines don’t mean squat, and Mr. Bonds is going to spend a month confined to his mansion (in Beverly Hills or Malibu no doubt) and get two years probation.

Estimated costs for this circus of a trial are between $60-75 million dollars.


This is a baseball player who lied about using steroids (as part of a larger investigation aimed at illegal drug trafficking), to protect his legacy in baseball.

And we just spent $60 million to put him on probation for two years.

Somehow, people still wonder how we could be a country full of the richest, smartest people in the world and still be broke as a nation.

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