Even when parties agree, Congress fails

I had a law professor who constantly implored the class not to try and make sense of the law, just learn it as it is. When Republicans and Democrats can’t seem to agree on anything, it’s not a surprise we get legislation and legal precedent that often seems intuitive to rational human thought.

This story from last week is a perfect example.

As Congress argues over the payroll tax cut, Republicans and Democrats did actually agree on something: no food stamps for millionaires.

Thanks guys, good work.

The problem? There aren’t any millionaires on food stamps. That’s not a problem inasmuch as…well there shouldn’t be any.

On the other hand, why did Congress waste its time to pass a law that changes literally nothing.

According to a Federal Report, there are literally no instances where this occurs.

Congratulations Congress, you’ve solved a non-existent problem.

Real problems? No, can’t do that.

Fake ones? Perfect!

They’ll waste time interrogating Roger Clemons about his steroid use, or bitching about the BCS, but try to make serious headway into our national freaking deficit and they’re on vacation.

What’s more, why the hell can’t we lower this number? Millionaires?

My guess is most millionaires aren’t arrogant enough to also demand free food, but who knows?

Remember the story about the million dollar house inhabited by a family on the state dole?

It’s obvious these entitlements programs have run amuck, but if you put this number any lower, Democrats will scream bloody murder that you’re hurting the middle class.

How many middle class people do you know who make $750,000 a year? $400,000?

These are not the people who need help.

That means in crafting a completely and totally inept piece of legislation, one Republicans and Democrats actually agree on, it was in an effort to deal with a real problem.

Either Congress doesn’t understand the real problem, or they really are just so out of touch, that any one who makes less than a million is the fabled 99%, and they all need free government help right?

Federal lawmakers earn three times what state lawmakers do, yet they get a fraction of the work done.

Part of the problem is having a president who has no clue how to work in a partisan environment, and also clearly has no desire to actually help people, just as long as he looks like he’s trying to help people.

He can overstate the importance and efficacy of his programs articulately but only if there is an appearance of effort.

At this point, Congress is completely useless, the President is clueless, and the American people, by and large, are powerless.

Ah, yes, change we can believe in.

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