While approval ratings plummet, Obama’s “out of touch” rating soars

Steve Kroft must read my blog. Ok, maybe not, but his questions for our soon-to-be-former President last night on 60 Minutes captured the essence of a lot of what I’ve been saying for a long time.

Part of the reason, of course, is Kroft wanted to offer criticism of the President and allow him to respond to it. More to the point, I’m not the only one who believes in the kind of criticism put forth of our quazi-leader.

I have made near constant mention of Obama’s inability to bring our country together.

Back in October, I insisted it was the President’s greatest responsibility not to the policies themselves, but to unite our country under those policies.

To that point, Kroft asked our soon-to-be-former president flatly, wasn’t it his responsibility to put forward a plan and make sure something gets done?

Obama’s response, steeped in condescension and self-aggrandizement, was that he had a responsibility to create a plan, make sure his party, was behind it, and finally he got around to mentioning the need to galvanize the American people around it.

What we see is a microcosm of the way this man views his responsibilities as a president: me first, my party second, everyone else third.

The rose-colored glasses for our soon-to-be-former President don’t end there.

In his typical, arrogant way he patronized Kroft when the 60 Minutes reporter asked about taxes.

“Steve, the math is the math. You can’t lower rates and raise revenue, unless you’re getting revenue from someplace else. Now, either it’s comin’ from middle class families or poor families or it’s comin’ from folks like you and me that can afford to pay a little more.”

He’s right. The math is the math. Except the math says you can lower rates and raise revenues. It’s happened before and could again. Furthermore, Republicans have put forward proposals that would increase revenues by closing corporate loopholes and restricting tax deductions.

That’s where Obama and the Democrats really miss the point. Their view is, in order to give tax cuts to some, we’re going to increase taxes on others.

For a guy who claims not to be a socialist, that sounds a lot like redistribution of wealth.

Republicans don’t oppose the payroll tax extension because they think it’s a bad law. They oppose it because they think it’s wrong to pay for it out of other people’s pockets.

Obama can criticize and accuse the Republicans of being intransigent, but if he or the Democrats could come up with a law worth supporting, they might consider it.

It would be a waste of time to try and go through this latest moment of Obama’s misjudgment of reality. This is a man who doesn’t just “think”, he “knows” he prevented a great depression (not true), bailed out the auto-industry (W was really the driving force behind this) and lowered health care costs (who is paying less for health care right now? Anybody? Bueller? No evidence ObamaCare will make it any better).

These are “facts” to our President.

This man seriously has no clue. Either he’s getting really bad advice from people around him, or he’s just arrogant on a level that defies description (although both are potentially and likely truth).

Either way, I think having any sort of lucid understanding of reality should be a per-requisite of holding the Executive Office (Sorry Rick Santorum, that means you’re out too).

The sooner we can get there,  the better.

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