Remembering that which unites us, rather than divides us

The 99% in the United States are still the 1% of the world. Regardless of your political views, it’s important to view the world with context.

Additionally, it’s important not to lose sight of the really important things in our lives. Not politics or advocacy, our jobs or our fantasy football pools.

It’s the ability to be in a country that is the freest on our planet. We have a right to protest, a right to assemble peaceably (a caveat many on the left often forget), right to practice our religion and right to say almost anything we want without fear of retribution.

It’s pretty freaking cool if you ask me. It’s why all of us, liberals, conservatives, moderates, and those politically apathetic ought to remember that we’re truly lucky to have been born in the United States or moved here.

But more than that, especially at the holidays, we ought to be remembering the things we have common. Everyone has families, friends. Those are the important things, and when it comes to those basic needs, there is no red or blue.

There’s no Republican or Democrat, only the human condition.

We forget that, with voices cheering so loudly in opposition to one another, that the majority of our lives and our experiences are shared on some level or another.

Since it’s Friday, I like to bring something a little less serious and I think it’s fitting to play this video of Hugh Laurie singing his protest song.

It’s a reminder that the world has big problems and if the solutions were really as simple as we like to pretend they are sometimes, they would have been fixed by now.

Regardless of your political leanings, the lyrics are relevant, insightful, and of course funny. If we could remember more often how much we have in common, perhaps we’d be better at solving the problems that truly do face all of us.


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