How Obama stole Christmas (Trees)

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch Obama.

Other media outlets have gone the Scrooge route, but whichever Christmas villain’s image you want to conjure, it’s happening because of a new Christmas tree tax proposed by this administration.

I’m serious.

No, apparently Mr. Obama doesn’t hate Christmas, just fake Christmas trees.

Let’s start with the humor in this already: Soon-to-be-former President Obama want to add 15 cents for every fresh cut Christmas tree in taxes to encourage people to buy them.

This is how liberal mythology ideology works. The tax is for a campaign to “rebrand” Christmas trees, fresh ones, as the better choice. The linked Business Insider article notes:

According to additional data supplied by the Task Force, the market share of fresh Christmas trees in the U.S. from 1965 to 2008 has declined by 6 percent. In comparison, the market share of artificial trees has increased 655 percent from 1965 to 2008.

This is like a bad joke. In order to fund a campaign to help promote Christmas trees, our wonderfully incompetent administration is going to tax the failing businesses, instead of the burgeoning businesses in an effort to get the failing business back on track.

If these people had any sense at all WHY WOULDN’T YOU ADD A TAX TO FAKE TREES?!

The tax, 15 cents, isn’t truly enough to stop people from buying or selling them, but if you’re going to tax something, tax the businesses you don’t like, not the one you do.

I am not for the government picking winners and losers, but if you’re going to do it, at least do it in a way that makes some semblance of sense.

More to the point though, it does seem odd that the administration is choosing to get involved in a “Christmas” issue. Without question the religious significance of Christmas has been diminished over the years into a reason for people to lavish each other with gifts (because most of us are apparently incapable of expressing how much we care about our families without an iPad wrapped and tied in a bow)

However, Christmas is a Christian holiday. Always has been and it always will be.

For the government to impose any tax to promote or degrade any part of any religious holiday, Christian or not, violates this country’s charter separating church and state.

But, if our President can start wars he has no constitutional power to start, why not mess with Christmas?

The policy itself is incoherent and the authority under which it’s being instituted is shaky at best.

It’s compelling evidence, if not proof, that the government trying to pick winners and losers (exactly what’s going on here: timber industry v. fake tree sellers) just doesn’t make sense.



I wish I had a cartoonist to draw me a caricature of Obama in the Grinch’s sleigh with a load of fake trees stuck in burlap sacks in the back, the presidents whip raised to Joe Biden who has an antler tied to his head while he pulls the sleigh.

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