A Romney/Ryan ticket would be ideal Republican match

Mitt Romney as President makes a lot of conservatives queasy. I get it: he’s not a conservative pure bread, in fact he’s a RINO on a number of issues, but the guy can beat Obama.

Trying to mollify conservatives by listing Romney laurels won’t work because frankly, Romney just isn’t a “good” conservative.

On the other hand, if you want a conservative voice in the White House, it doesn’t have to be the President. I’m not saying we should take some middle of the road ultra-moderate (John McCain?), but the guy sitting in the chair in the Oval Office has to have broad appeal.

The President has to maintain amicable relationships with the left and right, an area in which our current and soon-to-be-former President has been wildly inadequate.

Furthermore, the President’s roll is as a uniter of people, the American people and Congress, and if he or she leans too far to one side of the political isle, the appeal can be lost.

What conservatives can’t assume is that because there is fervent support from the Tea Party of more conservative candidates like Rick Perry and Herman Cain, that those candidates will necessarily win.

Addressing business leaders at the Schwab Conference in San Francisco Wednesday, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair said, “Those who shout loudest don’t necessarily deserve to be heard most.”

It’s not a new sentiment, but rather one that is particularly germane to deciding a Republican ticket to face Obama.

In a country with a two party system, the majority of people tend to be concentrated in the middle. It’s a political science norm dating back to the creation of political parties.

That’s why the best case scenario for the Republican presidential ticket is actually Romney running at the top with Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) as Vice President.

Ryan may seem like an odd choice since his House budget has become a punching bag for liberals, so much so that the state senate recall elections in Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin actually involved attack ads of Ryan’s House budget.

Here’s where the rubber meets the road: it’s easy to attack Ryan without giving him a chance to respond. In town halls, for instance, he is often criticized by members of the audience, but he also gives articulate, intelligent, and coherent responses to their concerns.

Perhaps no conservative in Congress or elsewhere is better equipped to carry the banner of conservatism to the main stream.

All of the divisive scare tactics employed by the left, particularly from soon-to-be-former President Obama, resonate with the masses, but Ryan is never given a stage big enough to offer an intelligent response.

Not only would Ryan be given prime time outlets for debates where he would no doubt slaughter current and I suppose also soon-to-be-former Vice President Joe Biden, but he would give the most thoughtful voice conservatism has to offer.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are out to sell books and ad space on their radio shows. Ryan truly, at his core, wants to affect change, he wants to legislate, and he wants to see America prosper again.

Ryan on the Presidential ticket offers an easy incentive for Tea Party and ultra-conservative voters to show up at the polls, while also allowing the biggest platform Ryan has ever been given to explain the importance of fiscal responsibility and government reform.

Ryan is the candidate people thought Obama would be. A true reformer, someone unafraid to shake up the current political structure, but significantly better equipped to rally support behind his proposals because, frankly, they’re just better ideas.

Despite the controversy surrounding Ryan as House Budget Committee Chair, he lacks the cache and name recognition needed to lead the ticket. By the time the President’s term is up though, it’s likely Ryan will have presided over significant policy decisions and will have earned the chance to lead a ticket as a sitting Vice President often does.

Let Romney be the face of this campaign, if only to gain support from independents, moderates, and business leaders. Add Ryan to galvanize the hardcore conservatives and deliver a new message of reform.

A Romney, Ryan ticket could set up a truly conservative, not just Republican, overhaul in Washington and America for the next decade or more.

Plus, he’s young and right…how could I not support him?

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2 thoughts on “A Romney/Ryan ticket would be ideal Republican match

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