Liberals want to lower accountability when taking your money

A friend of mine texted me this morning, astonished at how much the government had taken out of her paycheck. See, she had lived for a long time on her parent’s dole, they paid for college, her car, her cell phone.

She moved from Los Angeles to New York after college where she spent weeks trying to find a job, only to land an internship at an up-and-coming retail website.

After a year without health insurance or benefits and at low pay, she decided enough was enough. To make a long story short, she left that internship for a job she got fired from before finally landing with this current job.

In essence, she’d never had a legitimate job in more than two years of being out of school, even after graduating with honors from probably the most respected mass communication school in the country.

This was the first time she saw how much taxes, health insurance, pension and the rest cost.

It was startling. Understandably so.

She’s just one of thousands of young people who don’t truly understand the scope or economic impact of having a government that doesn’t care what it spends.

She was coming to grips with what it meant to work hard for something, only to have it taken from you without your permission to be used for god knows what.

It’s something the Occupy hippies protestors don’t understand, nor does our soon-to-be-former president. In fact, Obama proved he doesn’t understand it when he decided to try and speed up legislation that would forgive student loans after 20 years.

Of course, the only reason you speed it up – he wants to push the start date of the program from 2014 to 2012 – is so you can get re-elected.

The same group of people who’s energy and enthusiasm Obama used to ride a tidal wave of support to the Oval office are the people who are drowning in debt.

This student loan forgiveness plan removes any accountability from students who are derelict in their financial duties, a dangerous precedent to set.

Another liberal program punishing people for being smart with their money and rewarding those who aren’t. What about the people who worked two jobs to pay for college without loans.

Or the people who made a sound financial decision and went to a state college if they couldn’t afford to pay off debt. These students can’t possibly be responsible for researching the job market in their intended field before making a $100,000 or more investment.

That would be insane. And why should students have to be limited to studying a field where there are jobs? The government (you and me) should absolutely have to pay for my $50,000 a year Romance Languages degree.

But what really proves that our soon-to-be-former president and these Occupy nutjobs (at this point, the cross-out gimmick for these clowns isn’t even necessary) don’t understand business is this idea of taxing the wealthy, business owners and the corporations.

This goes back to my friend with the real job. She works hard for what she gets. She’d like to keep what she earns (shocking I know).

Everyone does. Raise taxes on corporations and corporations will do what businesses do when they lose money: cut costs.

You know the easiest way to cut costs? Fire you.

Businesses are in business to make money. They can employ people precisely because they make money. If you take that money away, they will stop employing people.

Companies and the people who run them, if they can avoid it, aren’t just going to let someone else take from them. Raising taxes means cutting into profit margins. Any business owner who knows anything knows that the slimmer the margins, the harder it is to handle periods of slow growth (a recession, if you were wondering, qualifies).

So, you do what you can to fix those profit margins.

Taxing the rich is a temporary fix to a spending problem by our government. That’s why the Tea Party has rightly blocked new taxes, because new taxes are a temporary solution, a band-aid to the problem of outrageous spending habits.

Shockingly, a political party has taken a long view of the well-being of our country (politicians normally can’t afford to do this because, well, they have to get elected every 2-4 years).

Raising taxes on the wealthy brings in revenue from them, but will cut out revenue from the people who lose their jobs as a result.

The big secret is the Democrats don’t care one iota about that because the money they lose from the working class is literally pennies on the dollar to what they’re getting in return.

Right now, the left is hoping enough people are out of work that they’ll forget just how much they hate being taxed, then they can sell those people on big government. If they can convince enough people to rely on the government for sustenance, they can grow government and raise taxes on everyone else (while, growing their own power).

The more people who are working, the more people who will be like my friend and see that the bigger the government, the less money you and I have to put in our own pockets. And people who work for their money, like to keep it.

That’s bad news for big government liberals.

Since, it’s Friday I also wanted to share with you this link with one person’s response to real Occupy supporters’ ridiculous complaints about “the system.” Your co-workers will wonder what you’re laughing so loudly about, it’s that good.

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