Feeding the Bear: Why we must take some blame for misguided Wall Street Protests

Earlier this year, cacophony engulfed one of the world’s major cities, swallowed by a protest turned violent by a group of young, entitled, unemployed and underemployed citizens.

When a portion of London was fighting off these hippies activists, a number of people, including this blogger, speculated that a similar wave of protests would reach U.S. soil.


We keep feeding the bear.

Now, the United States’ signature city, the beacon of the American Dream, has been stained by a group of ignorant under-informed commies liberals protesting…ummm something?

Do we really even know what they want? They don’t like iPhones Wall Street, we get that. They don’t like police (surprise). But beyond that what are they looking for?

This anti-capitalism and anti-corporate sentiment is awfully ironic given the iPhones and Sony handicams used to take video of the alleged police brutality and the lap tops used by volunteers to help organize the masses.

(Speaking of iPhones, it’s worth noting that in Britain, Canada or any other country with government-run health care, Steve Jobs would not have qualified for the liver transplant that prolonged his life more than 6 years beyond the average patient with his form of cancer)

But the incoherence of both their methods and their message shouldn’t be blamed solely on them.

No, what they’re doing doesn’t make any sense. On the other hand, good for them for wanting to stand up against something they believe is wrong even if they’re misguided in their assessment of the problem.

What should be truly startling for all of us is how this came to be.

Earlier this year I spoke with two ladies who take annual trips to sub-Saharan Africa to deliver food to communities in Tanzania and hope to expand their generosity to a number of countries.

They’ve also shown members of these communities how to purify water with chlorine and use hydroponics to farm in such harsh conditions.

Why not just deliver the food? I asked one of the women, who also works for her local church.

They didn’t want to feed the bear she told me.

The analogy goes if you feed a bear in the wild, eventually the bear become reliant on that food and loses the ability to hunt.

Fifty percent of people in this country don’t pay income tax because they don’t make enough money to qualify. More than 45 million people are on food stamps, up 50% from 2009 when soon-to-be-former President Obama took office.

Subsidizing something breeds more of it. That’s the way subsidies work and why we have them.

Offer incentive to people who are out of work (extending unemployment insurance), and you’ll have more people out of work.

Subsidize gas (which we do more than just about any industrialized nation in the world), and we’ll use more gas. Why do you think oil companies contribute so much to campaigns?

Subsidize health care and you’ll have people using it more often.

(You might wonder why that is a bad thing, but ask any school board who has had to deal with union health insurance. When it’s dirt cheap, people go in for everything, even when they don’t really need to. Think about it, if it were free, you’d go in too)

Once you incentivize something long enough, people become accustomed to it. They start to become reliant on it. Threaten to take it away and they will riot. Fail to continually boost those incentives and they will riot.

Fraud and waste plague our welfare systems, yet any initiative to prevent fraud is demonized as a threat to needy families, something right out of the lefty playbook.

Social Security is in utter disarray, but don’t you dare try to reform it. Same goes for Medicare and Medicaid. Democrats have convinced a huge segment of the population that they need  government, that government is the only way those people can survive.

This power play by liberals (people who like their power are interested in growing that power. Democrats want more government which means more power. The more people you convince that they need the government, the more you can grow your power) has poisoned the minds of plenty of otherwise intelligent people.

It’s painfully obvious that the protestors on Wall Street have been corrupted by this notion since, for 99% of them, the only reason they have food in their stomachs and clothes on their backs is because a corporation supplied them.

Even organic farmers run a business. They have to pay for their house, pay for their land and pay for their crops. You can’t do that without capital.

But we’ve bred a generation of entitled users of the systems we have in place to help those who can’t help themselves, not people who just don’t want to.

In an effort to create equality, our education system in addition to our cultural value systems, have depressed individualism and competition. Everyone is the same…except they’re not. They can’t be and that’s why the American Dream exists.

The trophy generation, where there are no winners and losers, has been failed by parents and teachers alike to develop necessary perspective on the realities of a modern global society.

Blaming businesses for lack of jobs is like blaming Viagra for your erectile dysfunction.

We’ve fed a generation of wild bears and turned them into needy, grumpy zoo animals. If you want to feed the bears, now at least they’ve set up cages for them in New York where you can take pictures.

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