Don’t blame race for Obama’s failed presidency

I can see the race-baiters and their ignorant headlines following the 2012 Presidential election now, “Obama’s loss underscores racism in America.”

Or something like that.

Yesterday I got an e-mail with an article that is actually more than a year old. In it, Lloyd Marcus, a Tea Party activist argues that not only is the Tea Party not racist for wanting to remove soon-to-be-former President Obama from office, but that the only reason there aren’t more people calling for him to be replaced is the color of Obama’s skin.

He further argues that the criticism from the media has been dampened to avoid appearing racist. In other words, white folks on TV feel like they can’t criticize Obama without looking like they hate black people.

I think during Obama’s campaign and early in his presidency, not just media people felt that pressure. I felt it. My friends felt it. In fact, a lot of my friends voted for candidate Obama in part because they felt obligated to.

Hope. Change. A new era in American politics and the change to show people we aren’t racist.

Sounds good.

While we can disagree about how much slack Obama has gotten and why (he didn’t enter office under the best circumstances given the state of the economy and the multiple wars we were already fighting), but what is indisputable is that Obama’s approval rating sits at 41%.

Since Dwight Eisenhower, only Jimmy Carter has had a worse approval rating in October of his third year in office.

Now that doesn’t mean Obama will lose in 2012. A 64% approval rating didn’t help George H.W. Bush in the 1992 election when he was stomped by Bill Clinton. Likewise, Clinton demolished Bob Dole in 1996 despite just a 48% approval rating in that third October. The same goes for Reagan and his 47% October approval rating.

The point in that brief history lesson is to show that there is time for Obama to turn around his presidency. Clinton and Reagan turned rocky early years into historic achievements as leaders of the free world.

On the other hand, soon-to-be-former President Obama has shown no signs of  gaining momentum because the economy isn’t showing signs of improvement.

But that’s the point: Obama, if he loses next year’s election, will not go down because of his race. While Lloyd Marcus makes some bold claims, he is dead on in saying that there was an excitement by all races, white and black, to vote for a black presidential candidate.

That momentum proved to be misguided since Obama has shown he was wildly under-qualified for office and wasn’t elected on a platform (It was a pillared stage if you recall).

Obama was placed on a pedestal, the next great hope in American politics. Truly, whether you were a Republican or a Democrat, you couldn’t help but secretly root for him to succeed.

I know I did, if for no other reason than to avoid having to make him a one-term president and respond to dozens of ignorant columnists and talking heads claim that Obama didn’t get re-elected because he was black.

I don’t care if Obama is purple, he has the leadership qualities of a gerbil and the spine of a jelly fish. His agenda is radically left, so much so that he’s forcing an unconstitutional (not to mention tremendously unpopular AND costly) health care bill on the American people.

His economic policies have fallen flat, and his promises of recovery have gone unfulfilled.

George H.W. was a popular (nearly as popular late in his term as Obama was at his peak of 69%) president elected shortly after one of the worst days in the U.S. stock market’s history and ran for re-election amidst a country attempting to pull itself out of a recession that had devastated global markets (this should be sounding familiar).

He reneged on his promise not to ask for more taxes and despite his popularity, particularly during the Gulf War, lost a re-election bid.

Soon-to-be-former President Obama has a falling approval rating, has done nothing to help during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and has made unpopular move after unpopular move, from failing to extricate ourselves from conflict abroad (and adding to our plate in Libya), to weakening support for our allies like Israel, jamming an unpopular and unaffordable health bill down our throats, and consistently failing to rise to the challenges in front of him.

I haven’t even mentioned Republican Presidential hopeful, and African-American Herman Cain who has had a recent surge in popularity after Rick Perry’s stagnation of support.

Cain is now running second or tied for first depending on the pollsters you ask. There would be no reason for support for Cain to be changing if people were “just saying they supported Cain to not appear racist,”as many argued was the case with Obama.

Cain has been in the race from the start, in fact, he was one of the first candidate to throw his hat in the ring.

Just like if Obama loses in 2012, if Cain is not on the Republican ticket, it won’t be because of his race. We know a black man can be elected president.

We also know a black man can be just as fallible in the office as plenty of white men before him.

Like the vast majority of Americans, I hope there is another black president, a successful one. I hope there’s a female president, a Hispanic president.

Racism remains an issue in our country, there’s no doubt about that. But if Barack Obama loses in 2012 it won’t be because of failed race relations in America, it will be because of a failed presidency.


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