Confidence Crisis: Don’t let government take your milk money

It’s been called a “crisis of confidence.” The American people do not trust the government to do what it is supposed to do. In fact, according to a recent CNN poll just 15% of people say they trust Washington to do what what is right.

A brief moment of lucidity from the average idiot American.

But then, just to remind us how incoherent most people’s beliefs are, a Gallup poll showed that only 57% of people believe the government has too much power.

To put that into perspective, let’s use an analogy.

10 people give me $10 to go buy milk for them every week for their whole life. Furthermore, my father did the same for their fathers’ whole life (This generational pattern is important).

Throughout that span my father and I would only sometimes buy them their milk. Other times we bought the milk and kept it, while still other times we just pocketed that money.

Now after generations of this,  everyone is pissed, well, except for one  dumbass liberal guy, and another guy is only sort of pissed (The 15%).

That means 8 out of the 10 people don’t trust me to do my job.

Except 4 of those 10 people still believe I should be getting them their milk.

There’s a famous quote about insanity being repeated the same action and expecting different results.

Obama is running either 5 points ahead or 5 points behind the Republican front-runners depending on who you talk to. That speaks to an utter lack of understanding when it comes to the principles of politics and government.

Let me make this easy: Democrats think government should be in charge, Republicans believe you should be in charge.

Too many people vote based on their abortion stance or their gay-marriage stance and not enough people vote on basic principles.

How do I know that? Because soon-to-be-former President Obama ran a campaign based on absolutely no ideology, on no principles, and won based solely on the fact that people thought President Bush was a knob (Which he kinda was).

Less than three years later soon-to-be-former President Obama has run as much debt as his predecessor (the knob) did in 8 years, didn’t end the wars he said he’d end, added an albatross health care bill to a deficit that he helped balloon to historic levels, all while doing nothing to help social problems like gay marriage or drug legalization that many young people and liberals thought he would.

The lagging economy, the fact that you or your dad or your wife doesn’t have a job has nothing to do with the fact that gay marriage isn’t in the constitution, or that Roe v. Wade remained intact.

I’m not saying social issues aren’t important, but those are topics for a time when 20% of Americans aren’t  out of work and 50% of Americans don’t pay income tax because they don’t make enough money to qualify.

The moral of the story is, if you don’t like government because government fucks  screws up, you can’t vote for someone who wants more government. That doesn’t make any sense.

Ok, so you don’t like the crazy guy from Texas, or the old crazy guy from Texas, or the mormon, or the women with the closet-case husband, that’s fine.

But all of them, including Looney-Tunes Bachmann understand that government has done more to infringe on our liberty and prosperity than it has to perpetuate it.

If you want the government to continue to burgeon out of control, then vote for Obama, or any Democrat.

If you want something else, something that makes more sense because government at the local level does a much better job with your resources than at a federal level, then make sure your vote reflects that.

Make sure your ideology reflects that and that it makes sense.

My greatest hope for my generation is not that they all become card-carrying conservatives. My hope is that they believe in something and know why they believe in something because it actually makes some logical sense.

Otherwise, we’re all going to have our milk money taken without getting anything in return.

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2 thoughts on “Confidence Crisis: Don’t let government take your milk money

  1. Klind says:

    Well written. Concise and understandable for people who might be “passive liberals” because it’s what all their friends are.

  2. […] I argued that people who vote based solely on social issues are missing the point.  That doesn’t […]

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