Liberty Lost

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t get me. Either does Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage or the myriad “conservative” commentators, pot-stirrers and blow-hards in the media.

But morons people like Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Jon Stewart and especially the unbelievably intolerable Bill Marx Maher don’t get me either.

I’m young. I’m educated. I’m socially aware and  I vote Republican…at least most of the time.

I’m part of a demographic of growing young conservatives who are more than concerned about the direction this country appears to be moving.

After sanctifying Barack Obama in 2008, I’ve heard friend after friend offering his or her regret for buying into “Hope and change.”

These were people who, having graduated from college to face the harsh realities of the world outside the insulated and naive bubble of university, had an abrupt epiphany: change for the parking meter, money for the rent, for food, they now hoped they’d have enough.

A president devoid of a strategy, pathetically lacking in spinal fortitude and utterly inept in shaping policy was not what they’d voted for. Except that’s exactly who they voted for.

It is my hope that the state of American society has not become so disillusioned with the ineptitudes of government that they are ready to radically diverge from the building blocks of our American foundation. If young people are our great nation’s future, then perhaps the failures of this administration will save us from making the dark dissension into nationalism and socialism.

That is no great exaggeration.

I hope it is an indication of just how fed up we are with bureaucratic and political nonsense and not just how gullible the American people are.

I hold particular concern for the younger voting generation, my generation. We heard about change and hope and a new form of government from the mouth of an intelligent, handsome, charismatic African-American senator who has achieved practically rock-star status with a young generation of sheep liberals.

Or at least a group of people who thought they were liberals.

I wonder how many people in this country, particularly young people even understand the difference between liberal ideology and that of conservatives. Historically, liberalism is tied to increased personal freedom and the accentuation of the individual experience in the form of liberty.

“Liberal” comes from the word “liberty.”

However, the American Democratic party has never really adhered to this notion. American Democrats were the party of slave owners and secessionists.

American Liberals want to nationalize health care, now the oil industry, and increase government regulation on our environment. Sounds like liberty lost.

In fact, in communist Madison, Wisconsin the government pushed a ban on drive-through restaurants, not because of their perpetuation of unhealthy food or unsafe driving as a result of eating, but because of carbon emission from idling cars.

Apparently we have to ban stoplights, traffic jams, and loading zones as well.

Liberalism has degenerated to the point that American Democrats actually propose reducing individual freedom.

Taking away your liberty.

Modern Liberals refute the idea that capitalism has the stability necessary to provide, thus the government ought to regulate the actions of corporate fat cats  businesses and idiots individuals.

They don’t trust the average idiot person to make his or her own choices.

Liberty lost.

Liberals actually put more trust in government by asking for more government spending, programs, and higher taxes. After the flawed government and leaders of American history over the last 20 years is giving the government more power really in our nation’s best interest?

Are you willing to give up your liberty and put it in the hands of those who have habitually and perpetually failed to properly utilize your resources?

American Liberalism, or Third Way Clinton Liberalism is not true social liberalism and it is actually philosophically opposed to classical liberalism. It’s a sham, one that if my generation continues to support, will ultimately author the demise of the greatest nation in world history.

Talk about liberty lost.

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One thought on “Liberty Lost

  1. Well said!! The government has done nothing but prove its inability to handle its current responsibilities; I can’t imagine that giving them more responsibilities would help. The market isn’t a perfect system, but it responds better to the will of the people than equally imperfect government regulation.

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