Fight over disaster relief shows Congressional Democrats in dereliction of their financial duties

The fight over natural disaster relief will likely paint Republicans as assholes cold-hearted ideologues, beholden to the terrorists Tea Party.

At first brush, it may seem like this latest proposal is a case in point for the Democrats and the commis   commentators on MSNBC.

Republicans in Congress want spending cuts to offset natural disaster funding for relief following the unprecedented storms that have battered the country this year.

Democrats petulantly apparently  oppose this measure because, of course, it’s an act of God, why should we have to pay for that?

Makes sense right?

Except for one big problem: that’s how the world works. That’s why people save money. Every responsible household saves a certain amount of money in case the water heater breaks or someone gets in a car accident or something unforeseen (an act of God maybe?) happens.

Attitude reflects leadership fellas. If the U.S. Goverment expects to pull out of this recession, it has to lead by example when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

Yes, absolutely, the people with flooded homes, with no where to go and nothing to eat deserve our help. They deserve the help of the government, that’s part of the government’s responsibilities.

But when my water heater breaks, I have to get a new one. I have to spend money to do that which means I don’t have that money to spend on something else.

Furthermore, the Republicans aren’t asking for cuts to education or Medicare or Social Security or something liberal important to people.

According to CNN

“The additional spending cut, called an offset, would be roughly $100 million from a Department of Energy loan program linked to a solar panel firm that recently collapsed, said another Republican source.”

So let me get this straight: we can invest in wildly expensive and currently inefficient technology (these green companies are dropping like flies), an investment that has zero history of showing returns AND we can give relief to those who need it.


We can just give relief to the people who need it and not dig ourselves another $100 million in debt.

On what planet does the first option make sense? It’s the responsibility of our elected officials to provide for both our current and future prosperity. Saying they’ll pay for something with money they DON’T have is like a teenager letting his friend drive, totaling his dad’s car and then saying, “Dad, I’ll pay for it when I graduate college and get a job.”

The Dow fell another 3% today over concerns about stability both in the short-term and long-term – the worst the stock market has been since October of 2008 at the height of the mortage crisis (gulp).

Given that the Democrats obviously apparently have NO economic foresight it’s not hard to see why.


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